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Fees and Services


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The nursery is open Monday to Friday and close only for bank holidays, Christmas and upto two INSET (staff training) days per year. 


A registration fee of £30.00, a completed Childcare Agreement Form (download PDF here) and a deposit (refundable) are required to secure your child's place. The registration fee covers administration and unlimited settling sessions.


The deposit will be deducted from your last month's fees providing a minimum period of three months attendance and appropriate notice has been given. Fees continue to be payable for temporary absence due to illness or holidays. We do not require children to attend a minimum number of sessions per week.


Childcare accounts are payable monthly, in advance. Accounts are payable by standing order, credit*/debit card or cheque. We also accept tax credit for working parents and childcare vouchers. We can apply on your behalf for the Early Year Free Entitlement (formerly Nursery Education Grant) from your local LEA (more information will be given to you when your child becomes eligible).


Monthly fees will be calculated as follows:


Monthly standing order amount = Weekly fee x 52 weeks / 12 months 

One month notice is required by either party. If parents choose to leave prior to the end of their notice, fees are non-refundable. There is no reduction due to sickness or holiday. We do not charge for bank holidays or INSET days. Fees are reduced accordingly in December and January each year for Christmas and New Year shut down. Please note that our fees are subject to alteration, normally in April of each year. We will provide at least one month notice of any fee changes.